Online Marketing Support

Net-Presence - Your Partners in Online Marketing

What can we do to help your business exploit the full potential of online & Social Media marketing?

Assessment & Consulting

Some times all you need is an outside professional to take stock and provide you with a list of things that need improving.

Net-Presence Services - Assessment & ConsultingThe Net-Presence team can provide your website, email delivery setup and Social Media presence with a detailed assessment of what’s working and could be improved. ┬áMore importantly we;ll do our best to help you understand the relative merit of each recommendation so that you and your team can prioritize them to reflect your organization’s objectives and immediate needs.

Training & Follow Through Support

Net-Presence - TrainingOften times a Small Business or Nonprofit organization doesn’t have the resources or budget to provide their staff with the constant stream of professional develop opportunities they require to be up-to-speed with a fast changing industry.

Net-Presence’s eSkills-Adacemy provides both affordable one-on-one and group based online learning opportunities to help your team stay ahead of the online marketing game!

Technical Support

Sometimes all you need is that “Mr. Fix-It” to come in, setup the new software, show you how to work it, and then let you do the rest.

Net-Presence - Technical SupportWhether its upgrading your website to support up-to-the-minute inbound marketing techniques, integrating your email list management service to exploit the benefits of Social Media, or perhaps polishing your existing Social Media presence to be more effective, the Net-Presence team can deliver the technical assistance you need.

Operational Support

Some times you simply want to hire outside assistance (outsource) specific campaigns or long term ongoing tasks.

Net-Presence - Operational SupportNet-Presence can provide these services as well. Whether you need assistance on a campaign-by-campaign basis or hire our people to act as “virtual team members” of your company to assist with the day-to-day marketing tasks, we have solutions to fit your business and your budget.